Pacific Northwest Rocket League Series – Season 2 Debut

Last August, team Redacted was crowned the season 1 champions. Fast forward 5 months, and now season 2 of the PNWRLS is about to be under way! With the new season comes some new roster rules and new teams, which should make this season one to remember.

New Rules

Five new roster rules were implemented this season to make the league fairer and more competitive. The new rules are:

  • Teams may not roster a player that is Grand Champion 3 or higher.
  • Teams may not roster more than one Grand Champion when the team is first formed.
  • Each team has up to 30 points to spend on a roster. Points are as follows:
    • 12 Points – Grand Champ 2
    • 11 Points – Grand Champ 1
    • 10 Points – Champ 3
    • 9 Points – Champ 2
    • 8 Points – Champ 1
    • 7 Points – Diamond 3 and Below
  • Grandfathering is allowed as teams ranks increase and exceed the 30-point limit. However, rosters will be locked and once a player reaches Grand Champ 3 the team’s roster will be reset.
  • Substitutes are allowed as long as the team does not exceed 30 points.

With these new rules teams will be more balanced. This will lead to more exciting games and one explosive season!

The Teams

This season, with the new roster rules, there are a lot of new teams. Since the grandfathering rule wasn’t implemented until this season, teams from season 1 that were over 30 points had to split. However, in doing so, there are some amazing new teams that have formed. The teams are:

TeamCaptainPlayer 2Player 3
Alpha ImpactFlaskMeksend0RedBaron
Ball Chasing DogsQroutonKrumpetslolHenrizzle
Little GiantsRangerSheptasticGranwe06
My Heart, Your TonkasBubbleheadStroxyVulk Fury
Totes Ma GoatsKeelAVJGoldenBrown

As the reigning champ, Keel’s team “Totes Ma Goats” will be the one to watch as he is reunited with AVJ and the mysterious GoldenBrown. However, this season is really up for grabs as any one of these teams has a great chance at taking the crown.

If you are interested in being a part of the league or staying up to date with news and updates, check out the official PNWRL discord server. You can also check out the official twitch stream to root for your favorite team. The PNWRL website also has everything you need to know including teams, schedule, stats, and more!

Who will take the crown and be the new Pacific Northwest Rocket League Series champions? Season 2 starts NOW!

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