PNWRL Series Season 1 – Week Four

Another week down and one more week to the all star break. No news yet on what lie in store during the all star break this season, but I will have all that info next week.

We also are down to only one undefeated team. So with that, lets take a look at the current standings.

Week 4 Standings

Redacted Remain Undefeated

After a tough matchup with the Vigilantes, Redacted was able to pull through and get the sweep to be the last undefeated team this season. In fact, over the 3 games, Redacted outscored the reigning champions 10-4!

With a game record of 24-2, Redacted is on another level right now. It is going to be very difficult to take them down.

Antics, Ball Chasers, Redacted win; Zero, Flyby, Misfits lose

On the winning side this week, MidAirAntics, Ball Chasing Dogs, and Redacted won both of their matches. They remain at the top of the leaderboard along with Vigilantes. Suspect Gaming did give Ball Chasing Dogs a little scare as they took game 2, winning 3-0. However, in the end, it wasn’t enough.

Unfortunate week for Zero Impact, Flyby, and Misfits, as they each lost both matches. Misfits are the only team to remain winless this season. And, looking at the schedule next week, will have a tough time getting their first win before the All Star Break.

But with the All Star Break being 3 weeks long, we can expect to see teams take the time to improve and tackle the second half of the season hard. In fact, last season, WA RL Team went winless into the All Star Break and ended up winning their first match right after.

Week 5 Schedule

Ah, the final week before the All Star Break. What are we in store for this week?

Game of the Week

My pick for game of the week this week is going to be my team (Zero Impact) vs Suspect Gaming. I’m not just picking this matchup because it’s my team, but both teams are very evenly matched and I can see this going to game 5 easily. Don’t let the 2-6 records fool you. This will be an energetic, intense, and fierce battle!

Otter vs Shep

The other favorite to watch this week is Sheptastic’s team Try Hard Productions vs Otter Space’s (great name!) team MidAirAntics. If there was another match that I believed might go to game five this week, it has to be this one. Yes, MidAirAntics have the better record, and more goals. But, when Sheptastic gets uncorked, it’s game over!

Make sure to keep an eye out for these games, and others, on the official PNWRLS Twitch Stream, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Clips of the Week

McBritches with the soft flick, followed by a nice 50/50 and finishing it off with a soft tap into the goal.
Baby Lub getting a nice dive bomb!
Wrecktangle breaking ankles!
Ox: Great Pass! Great Pass!
Qrouton with the soft pass to Krumpets.

And that’s a wrap for this week. Be sure to check out week 5’s recap with more info on the All Star Break and a deep dive into the standings halfway through the season!