PNWRL season 4 has shaped up to be the most competitive season in the PNWRL through the first half ever. Teams battling out for the highest seed they can get before the all important playoff tournament. Below are some of the most important match ups coming out of all star break. 

Week 6

Marque Match of the Week: Flip Rejects vs Polarity

Coming out of the All Star break we have the matchup that ended the last season, was the marque matchup week 1, and now is the marque matchup of week 6. With Flip Rejects getting the dub in the first match up Polarity will be looking to bounce back and assert dominance against the current #1 ranked Flip Rejects. A huge match up that will set the tone of the entire second half for the league. 

Grudge Match: Little Giants vs Suspect

A Rematch of a series that went the distance in Week 2 this match is one to keep your eyes on. With massive implications for seeding going into the playoffs whoever comes out on top in this one has got to feel good about their chances going forward. 

Week 7

Marque Match of the Week: Polarity vs Ball Chasing Dogs

Another heavyweight match between these two titans. With Ball chasing Dogs holding the regular season series score 2-1 and having won in 5 games in the last match look for Polarity to try and even that up 2-2. Should be an absolute slugfest to start off week 7.  

Grudge Match: Pass, Net, Win vs Canadian Internet

It was a rough first half for Pass, Net, Win, but they have got to be penciling this one is a chance to get back on the right track. With Canadian Internet edging them out in game 5 in week 3 they will be looking to get some revenge. Canadian Internet will be looking to build on recent successes and try to move up the standings. 

Week 8

Marque Match of the Week: Flip Rejects vs Little Giants

In week 4 Little Giants beat the Flip Rejects in 4 games dropping them from the top standing spot temporarily creating a 4 way tie for first place at the time. Flip Rejects will be looking to get some revenge on the Little Giants here in week 8. Little Giants will be looking to assert dominance going into the playoffs by bringing the series score between the two teams to 2-0. 

Grudge Match: Lycans vs Sunday Drivers

Sunday Drivers played a tight 4 games series vs the Lycans in week 4 in, which 3 out of the 4 games were decided by one goal. They will be looking to flip the script to try and even the series score in week 8. Lycans in the middle of the standings will be looking to pick up wins to try and get back up to the top. 

Week 9

Marque Match of the Week: Ball Chasing Dogs vs Suspect

In week 4 Ball Chasing Dogs took it to Suspect sweeping them off the pitch. Suspect’ will be looking to bounce back and finally get a dub vs the dogs. However, the Dogs will be looking to defend the longest running success streak vs a team in PNWRL.

Grudge Match: Sunday Drivers vs Pass, Net, Win

In week 4 Sunday Drivers swept Pass, Net, Win in a series that was defined by the difference in shooting accuracy and defensive execution. Pass, Net, Win will be looking to tighten up that accuracy and both teams will be looking to get that all important W going into the playoffs. 

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