PNWRL Season 4 First Half Schedule Preview Author: GoldenLeafRanger

Another chance at glory has arrived! With season 4 starting February 20th the PNWRL admin team has dropped the upcoming schedule for the season. With 10 teams for season 4 we have a ton of juicy match ups both old and new. However, don’t get overwhelmed, because here are the top two match ups each week all the way to the Midseason Break!

Week 1

Marque Match of the Week

Polarity vs Flip Rejects

Week 1 has gifted us an immediate rematch of the season 3 finals right out of the gate and I am here for it! Polarity had the edge over flip rejects last season, but with the up and rising stars on Flip Rejects who knows how this one will go!

New Team Clash

Lycans vs Pass, Net, Win

Season 4 has gifted us some brand new teams some brand new blood and other with a mix of new blood and veteran wiles. This matchup gifts us a great look at how some of that new blood will perform.

Week 2

Marque Match of the Week

Little Giants vs Ball Chasing Dogs

Week 2 follows up Week 1 with yet another rematch of a PNWRL final. Back in season 2 both teams played for the crown. With Little Giants freshly coming back together and BCD licking their wounds from the previous season both teams will be hungry for this one!

New Team Clash

Team Onyx vs Sunday Drivers

Yet another new team match features a mix of old blood and new blood to the league with familiar heads in Ox and Mukky leading these two squads this should be a battle for the ages!

Week 3

Marque Match of the Week

Ball Chasing Dogs vs Polarity

BCD vs Polarity has been a match up near the top of the league for multiple seasons now with both teams likely to be fighting near the top of the standings this match up warrants all the hype it will get.

New vs Old

Pass, Net, Win vs Canadian Internet

Week 3’s second match up gives us the second year team looking to make a leap in Canadian Internet vs a Pass, Net, Win team that has a mix of longtime veteran blood and brand new players to the PNWRL. This match up should be a great litmus test to see how both teams look three weeks in.

Week 4

Marque Match of the Week

Suspect vs Ball Chasing Dogs

A match up that has survived since the dawn of PNWRL. A true classic that has been entirely one sided. Will Suspect finally get that win they desperately need or will the Ball Chasing Dogs continue to bully them into submission. All eyes will be on this one no matter the result.

War on the Traitor

Polarity vs Canadian Internet

Week 4’s second match up gifts us a match up of the Canadian Defector. Harambe a mainstay in Polarity’s roster, will fight against his own countrymen to maintain Polarity dominance. Will the honorary Canadian Bisbeaux be enough to overcome the traitor? We can only find out in this banger of a match up.

Week 5

Marque Match of the Week

Suspect vs Polarity

This Demo Derby of a match up has been an absolute must watch the last couple of seasons and I expect no different this year. With Baby Lub and Lil Uzi both on the pitch you can expect very few moments of actual order and tons of chaos.

Style of an Age Past

Little Giants vs Lycans

With teams lead by Ranger and Inferno you know this should be an old school throwdown. A good mix of passing plays, good positioning, and counterattack offence this one should be fun to watch!

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