New Year, New Blog

Thepnwgamer blog started out as a way to help promote the Pacific Northwest Rocket League Series and to write about Rocket League in general. This was great at first, and you should definitely check out the PNWRLS, but I felt restricted. I play many more games than just Rocket League, and I wanted to be able to express that in this blog.

Brief History

I have been playing games for about as long as I can remember. From going over to my uncle’s house at a young age to play his NES, to finally getting my own gaming console (the N64 and eventually the original Xbox). I played many games and would constantly be renting games from a place called Hollywood Video, which was very similar to Blockbuster. Even now in my adulthood, I still find time to play and enjoy video games just about everyday.

This is what I want to write about. I want to be able to help others out with guides and tips based off of my experience, and not just doing a quick search and writing something down based off of what others have written.

Out With the Old, In With the New

The old site was all about Rocket League and the Pacific Northwest Rocket League Series, however I quickly felt confined and started losing interest on just talking about one game. Now I am back, reinvigorated, to talk about whatever games I feel like. Through guides, tips, and news, I will be able to voice my opinions and help people overcome obstacles.

Tips and Guides

When I write my blog posts, I want to give the reader some of my experience playing the game and not just what I found with a quick google search. All of my tips and guides will be fresh and from my point of view. My goal is to help gamers, like you and me, defeat that one boss or find that last collectable. I love hunting for achievements, and you can expect to see lots of posts about them too.


Gaming news is always coming out and it would be impossible for me to cover everything on my own. However, when new events come out in games that I play, I will try to post about them to get people informed. This won’t be a big part of the site, but I would like to put the information out there.

The Great Journey

My plans for the future of this site are constantly increasing. I would love for this to be a place that people can consistently find what they are looking for in video games and know what they can expect when buying a new game. This first year I want to focus on getting articles out on a weekly basis and slowly build up consistent readers. However, in the years to come I would love to see this be more of a community project where anyone can post their opinions and tips to help others out. This journey is a long and full of unknowns, but if I just have fun and enjoy what I do then, it won’t seem that long at all.

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