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Q&A With The Talented PNWRL Series Announcers

One of the best parts of any Esport league is listening to the announcers. Whether you’re watching the RLCS or the LCS, the announcers are what most people like, or dislike, on a stream. Hearing the excitement in their voices when a big play is made can really pump up the audience.

Luckily, the PNWRLS has amazing announcers that bring excitement and knowledge to every stream. Having very little experience commentating, Obrocho and Hoekie really did a great job announcing in season 0.

From left to right: Hoekie, Obrocho

I was able to ask each of them 15 questions about their experience. Here is what each of them had to say.

Have you ever commentated before?

Obrocho: Other than impersonating commentators of live sports or commentating my friends’ antics, I had never done any commentary before the PNWRLS.

Hoekie: I never have! I honestly didn’t even see myself doing it until the preseason tourney where the guys asked if I could for someone else to be in the booth with Obrocho. Had no idea how I did, but when I got back in the server, all feedback was amazing.

Why did you decide to commentate for the PNWRL Series?

Obrocho: Well on Thanksgiving 2020 basically all of Ball Chasing Dogs (the artist formerly known as Second Round Exit) and Washington Rocket League Team (who are composed of some of my longest known, and dearest friends) were playing Rocket League together in some sort of “Turkey Bowl” situation. I then hopped in chat and said “let me commentate” which they did – and really the rest is history.

Hoekie: Because all of my feedback was awesome from the preseason tourney. I knew Obrocho needed a partner, and I thought why not! I love rocket league, I have a very high IQ for it and I love to just explain to people why things are a certain way or what I am noticing whether it be positives or negatives.

How did you hear about the PNWRL Series?

Obrocho: Like I mentioned before, I have really been in on this thing since the beginning. It was a combination of that Turkey Bowl and McBritches inviting us into a Call of Duty league, that spurned the decision for us to pursue putting together an esports league of some sort. Rocket League was the obvious choice, because most of our immediate friends were pretty good at it!

Hoekie: I am closely affiliated with the guys who developed my idea, and being one of the 5Heads (admins) I was part of helping create it.

What games/tournaments did you enjoy commentating the most this season?

Obrocho: When I remember this Season 0 I will likely remember two streams: the preseason tournament & Washington Rocket League’s team lone win of the year. The energy in chat was so high for the preseason tournament and it so quickly exceeded my expectations. It was the perfect lit fuse for the dynamite pile of Season 0. WRLT’s win of the year was just so fun. Cupboards save in a crucial moment, Giant Dad coming in clutch, Gary Steeze being…Gary Steeze. It was a lovely night and like I mentioned, those are some of my closest friends and I hopped in our own discord server later and the vibes were very high. It was a good night.

Hoekie: Any Vig vs. SRE series. In my opinion they were the best two teams, so how is that not the best setup? Other than that, both of the tournaments because all teams got to showcase their skills and improvements.

What would you like to see improved in the PNWRL Series?

Obrocho: Being on the admin team is such an interesting experience. I think we all agree that the league needs improvements. We also have a really good communication style that usually makes the changes happen that need to. I
almost feel like this is cheating this question, but one thing I am very excited about and felt like needed improvements was the overlay and overall stream presentation; which I am going to go ahead and leak and say we are exploring options in improving it by a professional. So I am stoked on that. Other than that I think we can always improve some of the minutiae and specific ways we do things but overall I think we are in a good place.

Hoekie: Better communication from teams to admins. I feel like from an admin standpoint it’s hard to think of every possibility, and I’d say miscommunications from teams was lacking a touch, but it was season 0.

What commentating improvements do you plan to work

on for Season 1?

Obrocho: As far as my own personal improvements I think the best way I can improve is by learning the game more. Oftentimes I say something that I know is not the correct Rocket League term, but maybe something from my background watching sports. Another way I want to get better is by slowing down just a little bit more. I feel so lost in the sauce sometimes.

Hoekie: It’s a tough one for me because I am going to be a player next season. But for when I do commentate I think the best improvement I can make is play by play to give Obrocho a break.

What do you look forward to in season 1?

Obrocho: I am looking forward to so much in Season 1. The new teams, new players on teams, and just getting to commentate all of it and watch a whole bunch of the action. Something else I am stoked on is a little more structure
behind the scenes. It feels like from a league administrator’s role we have more of a structure and idea of what we want this thing to look like, and that makes me confident we will see success in this season and seasons beyond.


What team was your favorite to watch?

Obrocho: My favorite team to watch this year had to have been Vigilantes. I had gotten to see a little bit of them before the league started so I knew what we were in for, but man…they killed this year and it was a blast to watch them get even better than they were at the start.

Hoekie: SRE, Grizzlies and Vig. If we are in a tournament, add Astronauts to that list.

How often do you play Rocket League?

Obrocho: I play less than 10 hours of Rocket League a week, maybe less than 5. I think I have more hours spectating in the game than actually playing at this point.

Hoekie: I used to play probably at least 20 hours a week. Now it’s not as much, but I try to get in at least a hour if not more a day.

Do you watch the RLCS? If so, what is your favorite team?

Obrocho: I don’t watch the RLCS, only occasionally when Krumpets might have it on or it catches my eye on Twitch or YouTube. Which I realize is just a ridiculous thing for the commentator of the league to say.

Hoekie: Yes I do! Favorite is NRG, and I was a fan before all the squish fans came over. Fun fact, Qrouton and I had a big rivalry when squishy was on C9.

When you’re not playing Rocket League, what game(s) do you like to play?

Obrocho: For most of my life I have played mainly shooters such as Halo, Call of Duty, and other random franchises that I hop in between. But I also enjoy a solid RPG or party game. I also play Dungeons & Dragons every weekend
and have a campaign with some ridiculously overpowered player characters that I need to kill.

Hoekie: Minecraft mostly. Other than that, Valorant right now!

What makes the PNWRL series so special?

Obrocho: I think the overall skill of the league is in a really good place. I love that we have mainly Diamond and Champ players which usually means that the Rocket League will be fun to watch. Not only that, but I just really love my
chemistry with Hoekie. He makes the games so fun, and playing off of him is so easy.

Hoekie: Community. We are a very personal group of guys who want nothing more than to create our own community. I would say that was my favorite thing about season 0, was how much our community expanded. Competition is fun and all, but I would bet my bottom dollar every admin’s primary goal is community involvement and expansion.

What was your favorite part about commentating?

Obrocho: My favorite part of commentating was just learning the new skill. I talked before about how I had never done this, so I was really going from the ground up. Hearing my improvement in past VODs is so fun, and it makes me excited to see how I grow even more.

Hoekie: Interacting with the community over chat and see all of them putting in the chants rooting for specific teams/players.

What team, would you say, was the most improved this season?

Obrocho: Not to Kiss the Anthia of my interviewer, but I think Zero Impact had some of the most measurable improvement this year. Impact started the year as one of the last teams to get a win, but ended up in our final four. That is really impressive! Other than that, I honestly felt like all of the teams improved so much it is really hard to pick. Kiss My Anthia, Washington Rocket League Team, and Second Round Exit all come to mind as other teams that showed considerable improvement to my eye.

Hoekie: Previously if you asked me I would have said KMA. Now if you ask me it’s SRE. People may think that’s not fair, but if you dive into each person’s skill improvement, and overall team cohesion… it’s them.

Do you plan to compete in Season 1?

Obrocho: I have absolutely no intentions of competing in Season 1. The booth truly has my heart.

Hoekie: YURRRRRRRRRRRR. I initially had plans to join an existing team, but that has been pushed to the side and I did not accept a sub role. There’s a high chance you see a new team joining the league!

Highlights from Season 0

If you were not able to catch any of the streams for season 0, check out the PNWRLS YouTube page to catch Hoekie and Obrocho in action. Also, check out the interview I did with the season 0 champions, The Vigilantes!

Season 1 starts up Sunday, May 16th, with the preseason tournament. Be sure to catch all the action, and root for Hoekie’s team on the official twitch channel!

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