About Us

The Pacific Northwest Rocket League Series was created to fill the gap of community and competitiveness in the Rocket League scene for the average player. By creating a league with regularly scheduled standard seasons and monthly tournaments, players and teams can routinely test their skills and learn from one another to improve and grow while also competing to win the top prize as PNWRL Series champions.

In the spirit of competitiveness, the PNWRL Series rotates between the regular season and off season play. During the regular season there is standard league play, along with a post-season tournament to crown a champion. During the off season we have our experimental draft seasons which aims to provide an inviting yet competitive atmosphere for new players and veterans alike.

Whether you already have a team, or are looking to join one, the PNWRL Series is the place for you! Join our discord to learn how to sign up.

The PNW Gamer